Instructions for creating project reports

Each project will receive a directory in which to place its files. The only mandatory file is a modified copy of this template called index.html. This will be the default page which appears in a browser for your project directory.

To download and edit this file, you can choose to view its source in your web browser and copy the code from there or save this page as an HTML file. It can then be edited in any basic text editor such as NotePad. You are also welcome to use a graphical HTML editor such as Netscape, if you prefer. A good guide to HTML coding can be found here.

You can add other files which you can reference from this page using relative HTML links. For example, to link to a page in the same directory called more.html you could do something like this.

Wherever you see $ signs, you should customize the information to suit your project. If you like, you are welcome to make any other changes to this page - just make sure it contains the sections shown here and displays correctly in both Internet Explorer and Netscape.

$Project Title$

by $Name 1$, $Name 2$ and $Name 3$.

$Date$, under guidance of $TA Name$


$Problem Description Paragraph 1$

$Problem Description Paragraph 2$


$Implementation Description Paragraph 1$

$Implementation Description Paragraph 2$


$Introduction to Table of Results$

$Column 1 Header$ $Column 2 Header$
$Row 1 Column 1$ $Row 1 Column 2$
$Row 2 Column 1$ $Row 2 Column 2$


$Full report (PDF)$

$Source code (.zip)$