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Computational resources
  • Introduction to Bioinformatics (236523) An introduction to several basic bioinformatics tools and databases.
  • Algorithms in Computational Biology (236522) Sequence alignment, phylogeny, EM algorithms, Hidden Markov Models, Bayesian Networks.
  • Projects in Bioinformatics(236524)
  • Advanced Topics in Bioinformatics - Genetic Mapping(236633)
  • Advanced Topics in Bioinformatics - Microarray Data Analysis(236632)
  • Seminar in Bioinformatics (236818) Survey of computational methods (different from the ones discussed in 236522) and their application to problems in molecular biology, mainly focusing on genomic rearrangements and network analyses.
Student Projects
For the list of publications please refer to the personal home pages of the researchers.
  • Gene Regulation Simulation - a tool for performing simulations for transcription regulation networks
  • GDV_calc - GDV calculator for PPI networks
  • MonoClad - Monoclad
  • MPH - a tool for the alighment of metabolic pathways.
  • MAGIC - a tool for integrative and accurate comparative genome mapping.
  • HaarSeg - a segmentation algorithm for tiling microarrays.
  • ATRHunter - find approximate tandem repeats in a genomic sequence.
  • GeneSelector - find a small subset of genes for classification of expression data.
  • HaploBlock - haplotype block identification and resolution for high-density SNP data.
  • Superlink-online (former PedTool) - On-line distributed system for faster multipoint linkage analysis via parallel execution on thousands of personal computers.
  • ProbeSpec - for mapping the specificity of all candidate probes for a given sequence.
  • RHO Package - for radiation hybrid mapping, by Amir Ben-Dor.
  • SDP Wizard - to make and run an SDP instance of a quartet problem. Sources for Sun OS/gcc.
  • Superlink - highly optimized genetic linkage analysis software.
  • SimTree - online tool for computing the similarity between RNA secondary structures.
  • Stepgram - Application for aberration calling in aCGH data
  • DRIM - a tool for discovering motifs in a list of ranked DNA sequences
  • Superlink-GM - Genetic Linkage Analysis in the presence of GM
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