IBS 2003

The 6th Israeli Bioinformatics Symposium

Monday, June 2, 2003
Churchill Auditorium, Technion, Haifa

Sponsored by the Center of Bioinformatics Infrastructure and the Israeli Society for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology

Co-hosted by the Technion and the Caesarea-Rothschild Institute, Haifa University

9:00 am Registration
9:45 am Conference Opening: Professor Yitzhak Apeloig, President of the Technion and Professor Hanah Margalit (Hebrew University), President of the Israeli Society for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology. Chair: Ron Pinter, Technion
Session 1 — Chair: Ron Shamir, Tel-Aviv University and Weizmann Institute
10:00 am Pavel Pevzner,
UC San Diego
Keynote: Transforming Men into Mice: Lessons from Human and Mouse Genomic Sequences
10:45 am Dan Geiger,
Computational Problems in Genetic Linkage Analysis
11:10 am Coffee Break
Session 2 — Chair: Daniel Fischer, Ben-Gurion University
11:30 am Itsik Pe'er,
Weizmann Institute
Reconstruction of Haplotypes from Pooled Genotypes
11:55 am Abraham Korol,
Haifa University
Increasing the efficiency of QTL Mapping Analysis
12:20 pm Yoram Louzoun,
Bar-Ilan University
T cell Epitope Deduced from Human and Viral Genomes
12:45 pm Revital Rosenberg,
Glycan Profiling on a Lectin Macro-array
1:10 pm Poster Session sponsored by Compugen Ltd. and Lunch
2:50 pm Israeli Society for Bioinformatics meeting. Chair: Hanah Margalit
Session 3 — Chair: Ron Unger, Bar-Ilan University
3:15 pm Tal Pupko,
Tel-Aviv University
Automatic Identification of 3D Functional Regions
3:40 pm Chen Keasar,
Ben-Gurion University
A Novel Approach to Protein Structure Prediction: Designing a physical energy function having local minima with native structure characteristics
4:05 pm Yitzhak Pilpel,
Weizmann Institute
Computational Dissections of Genetic Regulatory Networks and Predictions of the Phenotypic Consequences of their Mutations
4:30 pm Coffee Break
4:45 pm Aaron Ciechanover,
Keynote: The Ubiquitin Proteolytic System: From Basic Mechanisms to Human Diseases and Onto the Development of Drugs. Chair: Michal Linial, Hebrew University
5:30 pm Conference Close and Poster Awards: Hershel Safer, Zetiq Technologies Ltd.

List of posters presented

Symposium Committee: Daniel Fischer (Ben-Gurion University), Michal Linial (Hebrew University), Hanah Margalit (Hebrew University), Ron Pinter (Technion; chair), Hershel Safer (Zetiq Technologies Ltd.), Ron Shamir (Tel-Aviv University), Ron Unger (Bar-Ilan University).