The EVE Project


October-April 2005-2006

Bercovici Sivan (

Supervisor: Dan Gieger (


             The main goal of EVE is to provide with a freely available, easy-to-use visual working environment for the bioinformatics researchers, as well as an address for the collection of bioinformatics tools developed in different locations.

 The EVE project attempts to deal with shortcomings of current tools by offering bridges between different information formats, and providing a convenient visual tools’ pipe-line construction environment.

 We believe that by encapsulating existing tools, and offering conversion services between the formats these tools use, we could reach greater flexibility in the construction of information processing pipe-lines. EVE does not constitute a new format, suggesting it as a standard, but rather offers conversion services between different formats. This allows different tools to be able to communicate. Thus, as long as new tools will use the same sub-set of formats, EVE will be able to overcome the tools-interaction problem.

 We also believe that by emphasizing the visualization of the tools, we enable biology researchers to actually use the tools in an intuitive fashion, shortening the learning curve, and increasing productivity. More importantly, with visualization in mind, previously cryptic outputs from different tools are now more convenient to work with.